Providing business value with cutting edge technology

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    Identity Fraud Management

    Identity frauds are on the high and people are unaware of the fraud as it happens resulting financial and emotional impacts.

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    AI Enabled Knowledge Assistant

    Knowledge is abundant. We spend time searching for relevant knowledge. What if the right knowledge comes to you at the right time?

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    Conversational eCommerce

    80% of personal spending happens in shops next to our neighborhood.
    The conventional eCommerce could not address personal engagement which is required for neighborhood shopping.

We enable entrepreneurs with great business vision with end to end technology solutions and support them to succeed.
Our service includes:

We collaborate to bring the best of the idea and to validate the competitive advantage, optimizing the business value.

We help realising product in choice of technology that is best suited to develop idea into product defining MVP and MMP

Great user experience, scalable application, security by design, an agile product launch, realising value and a world class service management – we exactly do that!

Creating an ecosystem and conceptualisation of connected products and service exponentially increase the success.

Provide complete abstraction to technology to enable organization to focus on their core business!


Our Technology Landscape

Security, Scalability, Performance, Innovations

Lifecycle management

Hyperledger Fabric, Indy

Recommendation systems, NLP

iOS, Android, Hybrid