About us

Hello! Welcome to Yebelo and we are glad that you are here.

We are 1994 CEG alumni. We have spent over 20 years working in multinational companies all over the world executing complex IT programs, products, managing business and creating market.

We have started this company with a mission is to help organizations solve their business challenges with innovative technology driven solutions which we believe should make positive impact on our lives. We strive to bring the power of many by building solutions that bring the economy of scale.

Our Technology expertise

Security, Scalability, Performance, Innovations

Lifecycle management

Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric

AI models, Machine learning, Data insights

UI and Front end


Android, iOS and Flutter

Our Values

for our clients, staff and the world around.

our clients and staff and the eco system around us.

to add value to our partner and encourage within it.

and build simple solutions for complex problems.

We are simple, technology driven business people and feel free to reach us


Ganesh & Ravindran